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Automatic driving tuition

What does it mean when we say automatic transmission?

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION =Vehicles with no clutch or gears to change by yourself during driving, as the car will automatically change it for you whilst detecting your acceleration.

Which should I choose? Manual or Automatic?

This is solely down to personal choice and ability. Below, is a comparison table to help you decide the best option for you:


Passing your automatic driving test would mean you are eligible to drive ONLY automatic cars.

The absence of a gear stick and a clutch means you can fully focus on learning to drive, navigate and maneuver, without difficulty. 

May also be easier for those who struggle with manual transmission, people learning at an older age and people with disabilities 

Easier learning, as you don’t need to worry about changing gears. The learning process is generally quicker so you could potentially be ‘driving test-ready’ sooner than learning on manual.

Automatic cars can be better suited to inner-city or town driving with the advantage of feeling less tired afterwards.